FLORA Fauna Fiber

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Tangled Fibers

We are a group of fiber artists who meet together regularly to share ideas about art and art-making.

We regularly go to museums, galleries, and other exhibitions to look at the work of fellow artists and discuss what we see. We look for exhibition opportunities at regional and national venues appropriate for showing our own work. We provide support to each other: encouragement, critique, feedback. We act as a kind of “salon” for working out ideas and considering new paths.

Each of us has different skill sets and different areas of interest, which allows us to cross pollinate each other with ideas from various media. When a member learns a new technique, we bring that to the group to share and discuss. If one of us is in a creative quandary, we can bring that to the group to hash out. In a world where sustenance for artists is often in short supply, 4 Art is a fully laden table.